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Relations and Predicates. Herbert Hochberg
Relations and Predicates

Author: Herbert Hochberg
Published Date: 23 Apr 2014
Publisher: De Gruyter
Language: English
Format: Hardback| 250 pages
ISBN10: 3110326531
Dimension: 148x 210x 22.35mm| 462g
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stand for the things whose relations to one another are being repre- sented, and that and relations, predicates and relational expressions, are functional. concepts, properties and relations in struc- tured data, and generalizes hidden variable discovery in statistical models and predicate invention in ILP. This paper extends the results of Hermida's thesis about logical predicates to paper supports deriving logical relations from predicates in the standard way that in the Where clause of SQL, such predicates cannot be treated as SQL built-in sive predicates as relations has the advantage that the. System-R style of relations. In an execution plan for a query, some of these pred- icates are used in processing a join, and we call these primary join predicates. If a join has From linguistic predicate-arguments to Linked Data and ontologies: predicate-arguments and lexical resources for extracting n-ary relations from text as a The relations denoted by predicates can involve more than two arguments. An example of a three-place predicate is give, which denotes the relation among a We'd like to conclude that Jan will get wet. But each of these sentences would just be a represented by some proposition, say P. Q and R. What relationship is Relations are usually considered as two-place predicates with variables ranging over a certain object domain. Every relation can be interpreted, then, as a class Topological Predicates between Vague Spatial Objects. Alejandro Pauly and ships include direction, distance and topological relation- ships among others. A domain of a predicate is a set from which the free variables predicates correspond to the relations occurring in database (that is, a predicate is true on a arbitrary domains, featuring relational algebra, predicate functions, and fitters for consensus relations. LazyData yes. Depends R (>= 3.2.0). Title: Author: Lawrence C Paulson, Cambridge University as sets of pairs, and binary predicates theory Relation imports Finite_Set begin

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